Sure Shot
Owned with Shady Oaks Club Lambs
Purchased from Nathan club lambs
Next Level x Crinkle RRNNFD
Owned with Alpha Omega Farms
Purchased from Nathan Club Lambs
Next Level x (Fireaway x Stud Duck)
American muscles twin sister RRNNFD
Owned with Alpha Omega Farms
AI Sire "Strictly Business"
BL Tag #45
RRNN/FF - Monkey Business x 954 Donor (Grizz x Bonafide)
Twin to the 2018 OSF Open Reserve Champion Overall
AI Sire "Top Tier"
Next Level x Bravo x Miss Sweet Thing
$74,000 online purchase from Nathan Club Lambs
Owned with Hoeing/Hill
AI Sire "Harrell 78"
Crinkle x (5048) No Mercy Huckleberry's Mom
2018 Keeper Buck Lamb
2019 Keeper Buck Lamb #1246
Monkey Business x Donor 1521
2019 Keeper buck lamb #1254
Strictly Business x Donor 1521
"(Chip) Up The Limit Son"
"Monkey Business Son #1038"
"Birth Mark"
Grizz x Calvin (1374 donor)
Keeper Buck Lamb
AI Sire "Walk Off"
Meet our keeper buck lamb, WALK -OFF!
RRNN - Drop the Mic x Grizz x Crip

When we purchased semen last fall from Rule Sheep Company's Drop the Mic, we had high hopes that he'd hit it out of the park at BCL. We definitely think he did that and then some on this one! Dam is the twin to our $10,300 high selling wether last year.
AI Sire "Monkey Business"
RRNN - Dirty Banana x Bullet x Pistol

We're very excited to introduce our buck purchase from Brian Johnson and family. We are thrilled with this addition and are already 'going bananas' over the influence he'll have on our lamb crop for 2017!
(Keystone x 694)
AI Sire for 2016 "Keystone"
RRNN - Ketel One x Ruger x Rose 

Dam is the twin to multiple jackpot Champion and 2011 Reserve Overall NC State Fair! Sired 2015 PCLA High Point Lamb and Champion Overall at the Scarlet and Gray in 2015 & 2014; Also sired 4th Overall and Reserve Hamp at the 2014 Ohio State Fair.
Sire for 2016 "Special Delivery"
RRNN - Postmark x Benchmark x Xzibit
Grandma raised the Champion Ewe at TN Expo
Purchased from Beatty Club lambs. Owned With Alpha Omega.
AI Sire for 2015 "Rack City"
Burn x Unleaded
"True Blood"
Sire: Marcantel 33
Dam: Marcantel 43 (Mother of Ellerbrocks Marcantel ram)
Owned with: Alpha Omega
AI Sire for 2015 "Master Copy"
Sire: Masterpiece
Dam: Miller P-2861 (Primetime Daughter)
Owned with: Miller Hampshires
Young Jock Son
Calvin (Young Jock) X Bout Time X Creole
Bred by Alpha Omega
Young Jock Son
Purchased from Impact Hamps
2011 Ram
Co-Owned With Alpha - Omega Farms
Young Jock Son
Purchased from Impact Hamps
2011 Ram
Co-Owned With Alpha - Omega Farms
Wheaton 9018 Exile Son
2009 Ram
Co-Owned With Alpha - Omega Farms

"Tight Wire"
RR NN Guywire Sire
2008 Ram purchased from
Guy Glasscock at Midwest Elite sale
2008 Carroll County Fair Champion Commercial Ram
2008 Maryland Sate Fair Champion
"Wheaton 9117"
Marcantel True Blood Son
2009 Ram
Co-Owned With Alpha - Omega Farms
Co-Owned With Alpha - Omega Farms
2008 Keeper Ram out of S.S. x Harrell 9
"Power Wagon"
Reference Sire
Power Horse X Shell18 x Cabanisss