"Wheaton 7021" QRNN
Sire: Classic
Dam: Wheaton 414: Pipeline X VooDoo (mother of "The One" & "The Duke")
Dam of:
Epic (Exile X Wheaton 7021) - Owned with Mike Lash, IA
Wheaton 9077 (Exile son) - Owned by Mrino Bros., CA
Wheaton 9082 (Exile son) - Owned by Rod Salm, IL
Wheaton 9117 (True Blood son) - Owned by Michael Kibler, VA
Crockett (True Blood X Wheaton 7021) - Owned by Poling, Strickland, & Whitacker
Napoleon (True Blood X Wheaton 7021)
Wheaton 0-136 (Full Brother to Epic) - Owned by Mel Marx, OH
Wheaton 2050 "Hardcopy" - Owned by Amstutz, OH

Mat Sister to:
Wheaton 8111 "The One" - Owned by Mike Tomlin, Mo & Ellerbrock, IL
Wheaton 9017 "The Duke" - Owned by Mike Tomlin, MO
"Palene Queen " #9615
Sire: Outlook
Dam: Onstar Bought from Rule Sheep Company